Student FAQs

Student FAQs

Q: What is a tenancy agreement?
A: A legal document which sets out the rules with which the tenant and landlord agree to comply. Our contracts are joint and several which means all tenants are collectively liable for rent, damages and cleanliness. Regarding outstanding rent, we only contact other tenants as a last resort as we contact that tenants guarantor first.

Q: Why do I need to pay a deposit?
A: The Landlord is trusting you to keep their property in good order. The deposit is held against non payment of rent and to ensure that any damages over and above fair wear and tear can be corrected at the end of the tenancy.

Q: Why do I need to be referenced?
A: Referencing gives the landlord a clearer picture of you and its there to help them make an informed decision on who to accept.

Q: Who will hold my deposit?
A: The deposit must be registered with an approved scheme and held by either the agent, landlord or paid directly to the deposit scheme (depending on its membership rules). You should be provided with details of the scheme and where the deposit will be held by the landlord or agent.

Q: What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?
A: All Landlords and agents are required by law to register and protect your deposit with a government approved scheme on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. If Easy Lettings manages your property, your deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Q: Can my landlord let himself into the property while I am living there?
A: Your landlord cannot enter the property without giving you notice (unless it is an emergency).

Q: Who is responsible for repairs?
A: In most cases the landlord is responsible for repairs either themselves or via their agent. If you do damage to the property, you would normally be expected to cover the cost of putting this right. If Easy Lettings manages the property, please ensure all maintenance is emailed to us. Otherwise, please contact your landlord directly.

Q: Why do I need a guarantor?
A: As you are a student you are not in full-time employment therefore your earnings may not be considered enough to pay the rent or you may not achieve the appropriate rating set by the referencing agency.

Q: What does a guarantor need to do?
A: A guarantor normally needs to be referenced in the same way as the applicant. They normally need to be employed and a resident in the UK with sufficient earnings to cover your rental commitment. The guarantor is responsible for paying any rent arrears if the tenant does not pay and any damages costing more than the deposit. Due to the level of financial commitment required, we normally find guarantors are family members rather than friends.

Q: What if I don’t have a UK guarantor?
A: If you are from the EU we will accept an EU resident as your guarantor however a solicitor must stamp the form. If you are unable to complete a guarantor form then alternative rent arrangements must be made. Please contact our office regarding this issue.

Q: Why do you need a copy of my guarantors ID?
A: We need to check that your guarantor is a legitimate person who we can contact regarding your rent payments.

Q: How do you calculate my monthly rent?
A: We take your weekly rent, £90.00 for example, and multiply it by 52 weeks and divide it by 12 months which equals £390.00 per calendar month. This is the calculation we use for all tenancy lengths.

Q: Why must rent by paid by standing order?
A: We manage a lot of properties and require all tenants to pay via standing order. Any other method creates unwanted paperwork in our office. If your property is not managed by Easy Lettings, please contact your landlord regarding rent payments and methods.

Q: Why are rent payments set before the 1st of each month?
A: We require rent to be sent in advance of the 1st of each month as it must be ready of use by this date. Generally we ask tenants to set their standing orders for the 20th of the month before so it will be in our account by the 1st. If we do not manage the property, please contact your landlord regarding payment dates.

Q: Why do you need confirmation of my standing order?
A: If we manage your property we need confirmation that your standing order has been set up. We receive a lot of rent payments and therefore need to check your payment reference is correct. Please ensure your payment reference is ‘Propertyaddress-Tenantname’. If we do not manage your property please do not send us this information.

Q: My tenancy is about to start, what do I need to do?
A: You must ensure all paperwork for all tenants is completed and all rent has been paid. Any missing documents or rent payments will mean no keys will be released for the property. Most tenancy’s will begin on the 1st of July midday. If we manage your property keys must be collected from our office. Otherwise please contact your landlord regarding moving in.

Q: I have moved into the property, what do I need to do?
A: If we manage the property, you must take you gas, electric and water meter readings (if there is a water meter) and submit them to Easy Lettings. You must conduct an inventory of the property and submit it within 7 days of the start of your tenancy. You must send one email containing any damages and cleaning issues. Unless bills are included in your rent, you must set up all of your utilities using your meter readings.

Q: Do I have to pay utility bills?
A: Unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise, tenants are liable for gas, electric, water, internet, TV license, council tax (if applicable) and any other subscriptions at the property. You must contact the current supplier for the property and arrange for the billing to be addressed to a tenant. Tenants are responsible for closing and settling any outstanding payments with these companies when moving out. For more details please see here.

Q: Do I have to pay council tax?
A: Students are exempt from council tax. Please contact Birmingham City Council and your student union regarding council tax exemption. Please note that if you are in a property with non-students you may be liable for council tax. For more details please see here.

Q: Can we have pets in the property?
A: Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons, we cannot allow animals in the property.

Q: I’m ready to move out of my property, what do I need to do?
A: If we manage your property, please ensure you read the following:
You may be ready to move out of the property however all tenants are jointly liable for the property. All tenants must ensure their room has been cleaned and is locked. The communal areas must be clean and any damages reported. You must record your meter readings and email them along with confirmation that all of your bills have been paid and the account has been closed. Each tenant must hand their key into our office and sign a key return sheet. We advise that tenants clean their property to the standard they received it e.g. if professional cleaners were hired during the start of your tenancy we expect tenants to ensure the property is cleaned to such standard.
If we do not manage your property please ensure you contact your landlord regarding moving out and ensure both parties adhere to the tenancy agreement.

Q: My tenancy has expired, when will I get my deposit back?
A: Once your tenancy has expired, we have 30 working days to return the deposits for our management properties. We appreciate your patience during the deposit return as we will contact all tenants as a group when we begin to process your deposit.
If you landlord holds your deposit, please contact them directly.

Q: A parent or guardian paid my deposit, why are you not contacting them during the deposit return?
A: We can only contact the named tenants on the tenancy agreement regarding the deposit return. This is following data protection laws.<

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